Hello, I am Camie! How can I serve?

I make humorous theatre acts that help raise awareness and support a transformation that leads to (inner) peace. I’m bookable for events and by companies.

I have been on stage for almost twenty years. I have lived through trauma and done decades of deep inner work. Combined with a talent for improvisation and disarming, this makes me an experienced facilitator of transformation theatre—an experience that enables personal growth, the processing of trauma and full belly-laughs.

Many of us feel the need to work on our selves, to change in positive ways, and influence the future of the world we live in.

Growing to be the change we wish to see in the world.

I am also proud to tell you that Global Storytellers wrote a nice article about my work ‘Praatpaal Verhalen’ which I am sure you will enjoy! You’ll find the article here.

The world is changing. We are changing. If our change is positive, can we change the world positively too? Can we bring more peace? Inside is outside.

“Camie’s monologues are food for thought, in an accessible and sensitive way. Her authentic approach, unique angle and generous smile put one at ease. And at the same time they are an invitation to take action. Now. Dare. Do. Camie gives courage!”

– Alet Klarenbeek (social entrepreneur)

“Camie has her feet firmly planted in society and her head in the clouds, leading to pleasantly stimulating observations.”

– Hannah Roelofs (dramaturg)

“With charm and warmth she helps people open up, uncovers themes and responds to the present time and place.”

– Herma Hulst (European Microfinance Network)

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